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Top Calculator Picks for IGCSE Maths Exams 2024

Equipping yourself with the most suitable graphing calculator can significantly enhance your performance in IGCSE Maths examinations. This guide explores the top 5 calculator options to empower you for the 2024 exams, ensuring you select the ideal tool to achieve optimal results.

Selecting the Perfect Calculator

While a vast array of graphing calculators exists, not all are permitted for IGCSE Maths exams. Crucially, confirm with your instructor regarding any specific calculator requirements before making a purchase.

Once you've verified permitted models, consider these factors when choosing your champion:

  • Adhere to your exam board's and school's specific calculator regulations.

  • Evaluate the functionalities most crucial for your studies, such as equation solving, statistical analysis, and graphing capabilities.

  • A user-friendly interface streamlines calculations and minimises exam-time stress.

Top 5 IGCSE Math Calculators

This IGCSE exam-approved option offers a clear layout and essential features like equation solving and statistical calculations, making it a user-friendly choice. Buy here.

A black Casio FX-87DEPLUS-2 Scientific Calculator
The sleek and sophisticaFX-87DEPLUS-2 Black Scientific Calculator – your key to mathematical excellence!

For students seeking more advanced functionalities, this newer Casio model tackles complex calculations, graphs functions, performs 3-variable statistics, and boasts an equation solver. Buy here.

Casio fx-991EX scientific calculator, a powerful tool for mathematical calculations.
Empower your IGCSE math journey with the Casio fx-991EX – a versatile companion for precision and efficiency.

3. Sharp EL-W531 XG-YR: 

Renowned for its versatility and user-friendliness, the Sharp EL-W531 XG-YR tackles trigonometry, calculus, and more. Its intuitive interface simplifies complex calculations, making it valuable for various STEM fields. Approved for many exams, it offers reliability and durability. Buy here.

Important Note Regarding Graphics Display Calculators (GDCs)

The following two calculators are GDCs, offering a broader range of functionalities. However, their use in IGCSE Maths exams may be restricted. Confirm with your school or exam board before purchasing.

Renowned for its dependability, the TI-84 Plus is approved for many international school IGCSE exams. It can execute simple programs, handle graphing functions, and perform matrix operations. Buy here.

A recent HP design, the HP Prime offers advanced features like complex calculations, graphing, 3-variable statistics, and an equation solver. The main benefit to buying a GDC calculator is that you can use it far beyond your IGCSE years. Buy here.

Investing in Your Success

By thoroughly researching these top 5 calculators and considering your individual needs and exam requirements, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision for your 2024 IGCSE exams. Remember to verify exam-specific regulations with your teacher before making your choice.

Maximise Your Exam Preparation

Looking for additional study resources? Explore LearnFire's guide to top revision guides for IGCSE students!

For ultimate exam success, consider LearnFire's expert private tutoring. Their comprehensive support can not only assist you in choosing the right calculator but also empower you to excel in your IGCSE Maths exams.


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