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What is LearnFire Unlimited?

LearnFire's IGCSE Accelerator:Unlock Your Child's A* Potential in Weeks

  • Access unlimited live IGCSE revision classes led by our expert LearnFire Super Teachers.

  • Choose classes from our fixed weekly schedule.

  • Monthly grading of past paper questions by IGCSE assessment specialists.

  • 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days—no questions asked.

  • Covered exam boards: Cambridge CIE and Pearson Edexcel.

  • Targeted revision classes for subjects like Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English.

Image of a student engaged in an online IGCSE live lesson on the LearnFire Unlimited platform.


Parents register for the program using their own email and payment information.


Parents will automatically receive login details. Log in to LearnFire Unlimited website and share the classroom joining information with your child.


Your child can immediately start attending classes. Choose from the regular weekly class schedule and attend (or skip) any classes you like. Don't forget to Schedule your 1-on-1 learning orientation so that you can take full advantage of the program. 

1. Unlimited Live IGCSE Revision Lessons & Coaching

  • Accelerate your child's learning by joining any number of live lessons with no increase in cost. 

  • Content from all past lessons available online any time.

2. Pro Past Paper Grading: Test Your Knowledge to Elevate Your Performance

  • Getting your IGCSE past papers graded by an examiner or assessment specialist hasn’t been an option. This feature is uniquely included in our program!


3. Personal Success Navigator: Your Academic Success Manager

  • You'll be assigned to an academic success manager.

  • You'll meet during your 1-on-1 learning orientation so that you can ask them any questions.

  • Our goal is to make sure you succeed using our program because we want you to keep using our program.


4. Parent Connection Hub: Your IGCSE Support Network

  • Access our IGCSE parent community moderated by LearnFire Experts.

  • Get answers to questions related to your child's IGCSE journey.

  • Get answers to questions about life after IGCSE including curriculum advice, school advice & university advice.


5. BONUS | Study Skills Power Pack: Study Smart from the Start

  • It's important for IGCSE students to work efficiently and effectively.

  • These exclusive resources developed by Dr. Reece Wartenberg (the founder of LearnFire) will help get your child where they need to be.


6. BONUS | Video Accelerator: On-Demand IGCSE Revision Courses

  • Study full IGCSE subjects in just a few short hours of video using our top-rated video course (4000+ students have given our courses 4.6 stars).

  • Our courses are hosted on and you'll get free access to all current and future courses included in your LearnFire Unlimited subscription. 

LearnFire Unlimited programme is accessible on various devices, including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, for a flexible learning experience.


Reviews from students that have already worked with Team LearnFire. 

Testimonial profile image

Vanessa B.

"Better than biology in school. The most important part for me was the exam past paper question walkthroughs at the end because it helped me understand how the exams will be."

Testimonial profile image

Gerald A.

"The course content was detailed but was kept interesting at all times by Dr Wartenberg. It was well presented and very easy to understand." 

Testimonial profile image

Jack K.

"Very informative and easy to follow. Definitely picked up new skills for my next exam preparations! Thank you LearnFire! Highly recommend this course."

Testimonial profile image

Laiba K.

"It covers a great deal in a very simple and fun way and it’s helping me study for my upcoming IGCSE exam. Thanks so much LearnFire! I’m glad I found this, please do try it. As a student I am confident this will really help you out."

Testimonial profile image

Chris T.

"Great course for learning the basics. After trying lots of different courses this is the one that made most sense to me as the focus is on understanding, not memorisation. The class instructor has also been extremely responsive to queries."

Testimonial profile image

Joao R.

"LearnFire has been our port of call for everything regarding support for our child's school performance and development."

" The Live Online Toolkit for Your Child to Achieve IGCSE Success "


Ensure your child's COMMITMENT to their studies with unlimited guided sessions, eliminating procrastination and unproductive STUDY TIME.  

LearnFire Unlimited student getting guided revision tips.


Your child joins a global COMMUNITY of motivated learners, working together towards a common goal: achieving their best. Learning, studying, and ACHIEVING together. 

LearnFire Unlimited student part of a community of achievers.


Choose any revision session (or skip any that don’t fit your schedule) and witness your child's learning momentum soar. If your child knows that they are being productive and consistent will allow your child to have more BALANCE.    

LearnFire Unlimited offers a balanced study schedule.


Our expert teachers transform your child's weaknesses into strengths and reshape their perspective on exams. Learn the STRATEGIC approach to answering questions, alongside essential PREPARATION.

LearnFire Unlimited student immersed in their exam strategy.


Does my child need to attend every lesson so that my child can understand what is going on?

Definitely not. All our lessons start with a “required knowledge” revision bite which will update your child on anything they need to know so that they can follow the lesson. If your child attends just one lesson or sporadically misses lessons, they will be able to get a lot of value from LearnFire Unlimited. Students that attend all lessons will get the most value.

If I sign up for LearnFire Unlimited A*, will my exam past paper credits carry over from month to month?

Yes, all your credits will carry over. Due to demands on our examiners and assessment specialists, we can only mark a maximum of five past papers per month (and a maximum of three past papers from any one subject).

If I sign up for LearnFire Unlimited A* how long does it take to mark a past paper?

Usually past papers will be marked within 48 hours. However the maximum duration will be five working days.

How do the billing cycles work and when will I be charged?

As soon as you sign up, you will be billed for your first month and you will get access to LearnFire Unlimited. You will then be billed on that same day every month. Whenever you want to stop, you can cancel your membership, no questions asked.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

We guarantee a full refund, and we believe strongly in our carefully created educational programs that are meant to help you. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the professional curation of our classes, providing you with a rich learning experience.

What can you expect from a LearnFire online class?

LearnFire offers multimedia resources, practical exercises, and real-world applications to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of specific topics. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

The LearnFire Unlimited programme offers expert coaching.

Expert Coaching Guidance
Gain valuable insights and knowledge from experienced coaches and industry experts from top institutions around the world.

LearnFire Unlimited support team.

Continuous Learning Support
Regular updates, supplemental materials, exclusive access to resources, workshops and expert-led webinars.  

Image of a student engaged in interactive learning.

Lively discussions, collaborative projects, networking opportunities, supportive and engaging environment.

What happens after I sign-up?

Login icon

1. Parent logs into LearnFire Unlimited to view their information and obtain the classroom code for their child.

Online schedule icon.

2. Students access their Online Classroom which contains lesson schedules and learning resources.

Online live lesson icon.

3. Students can attend any lesson they prefer and as many as they wish.

1-on-1 learning icon.

4. Arrange your 1-on-1 Learning Orientation, where our academic success coaches can assist you in maximising your experience with LearnFire Unlimited.

Education success cap icon.

Leading Online Learning Platform

Education success cap icon.

IGCSE Super  Teachers

Education success cap icon.

Data Driven Teaching Methods

Education success cap icon.

Data Driven Teaching Methods

Education success cap icon.

Data Driven Teaching Methods



We are so confident that our well designed educational offerings are tailored to empower you. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the professional curation of our classes, providing you with a rich learning experience. Join us on this educational journey where your growth is our foremost priority.

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