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Master everything taught in class with LearnFire Unlimited 

Attend unlimited live online IGCSE revision classes with our expert LearnFire Super Teachers.

LearnFire student learning online - e-learning, virtual education, and digital study environment.

Unlimited Online Coaching Benefits

Unlimited Live IGCSE Revision Lessons & Coaching

Accelerate your child's learning by joining any number of live lessons with no increase in cost. 
Content from all past lessons available online any time

Pro Past Paper Grading

Get your past papers graded by an examiner or assessment specialist to test your knowledge and elevate your performance

Your Personal Academic Success Manager

You'll be assigned to an academic success manager. You'll meet during your 1-on-1 learning orientation so that you can ask them any questions.

Parent Connection Hub

Access our parent community moderated by LearnFire Experts.
Get answers to questions related to your child's IGCSE journey including questions about life after IGCSE including curriculum advice, school advice & university advice.

Study Skills Power Pack

It's important for students to work efficiently and effectively. Exclusive resources that will help get your child where they need to be.

Video Accelerator: On-Demand Revision Courses

Study full IGCSE subjects in just a few short hours of video using our top-rated video course (4000+ students have given our courses 4.6 stars).

Why Choose LearnFire Unlimited?


We ensure your child's COMMITMENT to their studies with unlimited guided sessions, eliminating procrastination and unproductive STUDY TIME.   


Choose any revision session (or skip any that don’t fit your schedule) and witness your child's learning momentum soar. If your child knows that they are being productive and consistent will allow your child to have more BALANCE.       


Your child joins a global COMMUNITY of motivated learners, working together towards a common goal: achieving their best. Learning, studying, and ACHIEVING together. 


Our expert teachers transform your child's weaknesses into strengths and reshape their perspective on exams. Learn the STRATEGIC approach to answering questions, alongside essential PREPARATION.

LearnFire online learning support - digital education, e-learning courses, and virtual study environment.
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