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A comprehensive
overview of our curriculum support

Whatever your starting point, we believe in empowering our students with complete flexibility and expert guidance at their fingertips. 

LearnFire teacher assisting student with exam preparation - interactive learning and academic support with past papers.
LearnFire students enrolled in International School Curriculums

International Schools Curriculum Support

We offer tailored curriculum support for international schools. Our programmes adapt to global standards, providing focused assistance to ensure students grasp essential concepts and cultivate critical skills for academic excellence. With a commitment to personalised guidance, LearnFire empowers students in international schools, fostering well-rounded individuals equipped for overall success.

British Schools Curriculum Support

LearnFire provides specialised curriculum support uniquely designed for students attending British schools. Our expert private tutors engage students in interactive sessions, emphasising fundamental concepts and essential skills that aligns with the British educational framework. With a focus on personalised guidance and adapting to individual learning styles, LearnFire aims to foster a supportive environment to navigate their academic challenges with confidence.

LearnFire student enrolled in British Schools Curriculum
LearnFire students enrolled in American School Curriculums

American Schools Curriculum Support

Our commitment to American schools extends beyond traditional private tutoring. We strategically align with the American educational framework, offering targeted curriculum support. Through innovative and tailored techniques, LearnFire creates an educational environment that propels students towards excellence in American schools.

Study Skills & Executive Functioning

LearnFire helps students improve their study skills and executive functioning, reducing anxiety and boosting confidence. We have tailored strategies catering to individual needs, assisting students in developing effective study habits for all subject matters. 

LearnFire student engaged in Study Skills and Executive Functioning
LearnFire offers Business English Programmes

Business English

LearnFire's Business English support is designed to empower individuals facing challenges in English writing and public speaking, fostering confidence in their professional communication skills. Through focused interventions, we guide students in honing their English skills, ensuring clarity, coherence, and effectiveness in their business communication.

Why Choose LearnFire Support?


We have a passionate team of qualified professionals from a list of top international schools that strive to accelerate and support learning using methods that push the boundaries of traditional education. 


Our expert student-teacher matching team will pair your child with the perfect academic coach for their needs. From subject and level, right down to exam board and individual personalities. 


LearnFire offers professional academic coaching to ensure your child remains proficient in their core subjects, whilst learning to enjoy the support process. 

LearnFire stack of books for academic coaching - educational resources, study materials, and learning support.

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