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On a Mission to Build the World's Leading Support Platform

LearnFire's tutors from top international schools
LearnFire students enrolled in International School Curriculums

Our Vision

Revolutionising education by empowering every student with the world's leading tutoring platform.

Our Mission

Connecting students with exceptional educators to personalise their learning experience and achieve academic success.

Our Culture

Sparking curiosity and empowering lifelong success through bold innovation and a reimagined academic support experience.

Our Story

Established a partnership with Bespoke Education in New York (USA) and Paris (France) to offer data-driven SAT and ACT exam preparation to students at international schools globally. 

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May 2024

Established a partnership with Beyond Education in Madrid (Spain) to offer vocational profiling and university application support.

December 2023

Launched our IGCSE Exam Preparation Bootcamps.

April 2023

Launched On-Demand Academic Video Courses on Udemy and have since delivered over 2,200 courses with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

November 2022

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Over 300 students supported in eight countries across Europe and Asia. 

April 2024

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Launched LearnFire Unlimited Group Lessons.

November 2023

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Rebranded to LearnFire to incorporate the full range of international curricula that we support.

December 2022

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Launched our company as IGCSEprep with a focus on supporting IGCSE students. Started with 30 students in Lisbon, Portugal. 

September 2021

Verified client reviews

"My eldest daughter recently got an offer to the London School of Economics (and 2 other UK offers). The support and guidance from the LearnFire team was invaluable, especially as we had no prior experience applying to study abroad. We are especially thankful for the great academic support from Mrs Brown, Dr Wartenberg and the team in helping our daughter. I am a very proud parent and can highly recommend LearnFire for the professional and wonderful efforts received."

- Jose

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LearnFire Dr. Reece Wartenberg Profile Image

Dr. Reece Wartenberg (Founder)

The world is changing rapidly yet the learning environment for teenagers remains largely stagnant. The old status quo of education needs transforming.


This necessity prompted Dr. Reece Wartenberg to challenge traditional education by founding LearnFire in 2020. What initially began as personalised academic coaching delivered by specialist educators has evolved into the global learning platform LearnFire Premium Coaching. LearnFire now specialises in two core areas of business: one-on-one coaching and the recently introduced unlimited online learning. Both of these modes of education insure that students are matched with highly specialised educators so that high-impact lessons are delivered live and in real time.


Reece has had extensive experience as a teacher, department head, and head of pastoral care at international schools that deliver the IGCSE, IB, and A-levels curricula. He has taught students from over 60 countries while working at top international schools and universities in Spain, Thailand, South Africa, Hong Kong and Portugal.


Reece is deeply passionate about going beyond the classroom to accelerate learning and give students the skills they need to excel in their studies. By leveraging the latest in online education technology, Reece has proven that experienced teachers can push the boundaries of education so that students from wide range of ability are all progressing together.

LearnFire Educators Profile Image

Our LearnFire Educators

Each of our LearnFire educators have been sought out by our Academic Success team based on their reputation in the international education community. It is not possible to apply to be an educator with LearnFire. If your child is a part of our LearnFire program then you can be confident that they are working with the best educators on offer. 


Each teacher has been handpicked from top-tier international schools globally. Drawing from their extensive academic backgrounds and real-world experience, our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge to the virtual classroom, offering students a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the field.


If your child is going to use their free time to work with an academic coach, then you'd want that coach to be one of the best.


All our LearnFire educators are subject specialists with many years of classroom and private academic coaching experience. 


All educators are well-versed in the latest education technology so that they can use tech to enhance their online lessons but have deep rooted educational knowledge so that they do not need to rely on the tech to make sure that each of our students is progressing smoothly.

Who we work with

  • Where do you offer the academic support?
    We have three packages available to meet your needs: • Premium Coaching An award-winning team of subject specialists to coach your child to academic success. Ultra-customised to the needs of your family. One-on-one, in-person or online. • Unlimited Coaching Access unlimited live revision classes led by our expert LearnFire Super Teachers. Choose from any group classes from our fixed weekly schedule. Receive monthly feedback on your past paper questions graded by IGCSE assessment specialists.
  • Do you provide a means for direct communication with my child's academic coach?
    Yes, we believe that direct communication between students, parents and academic coaches is crucial. Therefore, we provide a direct line of communication between you and your child's coach to ensure that any questions can be addressed promptly.
  • Who are LearnFire's Tutors?
    LearnFire's tutors are distinguished professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Hailing from top international schools around the world, they bring a global perspective to the learning experience. Our tutors undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they not only excel academically but also possess a passion for teaching and a commitment to nurturing students' potential. This international network of educators allows us to offer a broad spectrum of knowledge and cultural insights, enriching the educational journey for students seeking guidance and support.
  • Can I stop lessons at any time?
    Our goal is to provide effective services to students, and we understand that circumstances change. If you feel that our services are not benefiting you, you may stop lessons at any time and we will refund any remaining credit on your account.
  • How does payment work?
    Payment is due monthly before the first lesson of the month. If you cancel a lesson after you've made payment, we will work with you to reschedule. If a reschedule is not possible, we will credit the value of the lesson to your account for the following month's lessons.
  • How much notice do I need to give if I want to cancel a lesson without a penalty?
    We require 24-hour notice for lesson cancellations to avoid any penalties.
  • How much do your academic coaching sessions cost?
    We provide pricing based on your individual needs and support requirements. Contact us to schedule a free assessment to determine your academic needs and the necessary areas of support. After the assessment, we will suggest a program and qualified academic coaches, including pricing for the proposed program. You can then decide whether to work with us or not.
  • Which support programs do you offer?
    We offer support for iGCSE, IB MYP, IB DP, AS-levels, A-Levels, American Diploma, Key Stage 2, and Key Stage 3 curricula. We also offer non-curricula support, including Study Skills and Executive Functioning Workshops and Writing Workshops.
  • What are your focus support areas?
    Our specialties include developing subject-specific topic awareness and confidence, exam preparation and strategies, study skills and executive functioning, homework support, writing, topic and citation assistance.
  • Do you offer reporting on assessment results and academic support impact?
    Yes, providing feedback based on our students' achievements and developments is at the core of our business. We typically provide reports after a student has received their academic school results or completed a term of academic support. The report will be based on factors such as proficiency, focus areas, attendance, and confidence in core subjects.
  • How do I sign up to LearnFire?
    Getting started with LearnFire is a breeze! Complete the easy LearnFire form with your tutoring preferences here: Once we have received your submitted form, one of our academic success coaches (real people) will respond within one working day to discuss your personal needs and to match you with one of our dedicated tutors. For other services beyond tutoring, reach out to us through the contact form at the bottom of the page or via our Whatsapp message link. We're here to assist you!
  • What do I do if I have issues or problems?
    At LearnFire, delivering outstanding customer support is our priority. If you face any challenges or have questions, don't hesitate to connect with our dedicated support team. Chat to our support team directly by sending us a Whatsapp message for instant assistance. Our friendly team is ready to help. Additionally, you can reach us by completing the contact form below or send us an email at Your satisfaction is our commitment.
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