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LearnFire's Three-Year Education Journey from Vision to Versatility

Navigating the complexities of our operations involves much more than specialising in a single area of expertise; we encompass a diverse range of services and support, providing continuous educational growth and transformation. Three years ago, LearnFire embarked on its mission, not as the multifaceted entity it is today, but as a response to the evolving needs of families. Much like the organic expansion of schools, we've adapted and diversified our offerings based on the unique pathways families have invited us to explore alongside them. 

Pioneering Education: Dr. Reece Wartenberg's Global Impact and LearnFire's Inception

Dr. Reece Wartenberg LearnFire Profile Image
Dr. Reece Wartenberg

Our origins trace back to Dr. Reece Wartenberg’s extensive experience as a department head, and head of pastoral care at schools delivering the IGCSE, IB and A-levels curricula. Prior to LearnFire’s establishment in 2021, Dr. Wartenberg taught students from over 60 countries while working at top international schools in Spain, Thailand, South Africa, Hong Kong and Portugal.

Drawing on this experience, LearnFire now stands as a testament to educational evolution. Modern learning methods based on the latest educational research form the foundation of our teaching and learning. LearnFire embraces a dynamic approach that goes beyond the conventional. In tandem with our adept faculty of experienced teachers we deliver direct tutoring either in-person or remotely. Since the birth of LearnFire, our scope has broadened significantly beyond one-on-one tutoring. Our collaborative efforts with our families now extend to encompass a spectrum of planning endeavours, with a focus on personalised premium academic coaching and tutoring. This multifaceted approach is not limited and  includes various support elements including cognitive assessments and university application support. This approach showcases the dynamic and responsive nature of LearnFire's commitment to educational excellence for the families we support.

Academic Coaching and Private Tutoring

Explore our extensive academic coaching and private tutoring offerings, carefully designed to guarantee you unparalleled support and amplify your educational potential:

We provide students with practical tools and strategies in one-on-one sessions to enhance their learning efficiency, organisation, time management, and overall academic performance.

We offer tailored curriculum support for international schools students. Our programmes adapt to global standards, providing focused assistance for the KS2, KS3, IGCSE, AS-levels & A-levels, IB MYP and IB DP curriculums to ensure students grasp essential concepts and develop critical skills required. 

LearnFire international students seeking educational support.
Embrace a global perspective and shape your educational journey with our International Curriculum support.

LearnFire provides specialised curriculum support uniquely designed for students attending British schools. Our expert private tutors engage students in interactive subject sessions, emphasising fundamental concepts and essential skills that aligns with the British educational framework.

Our commitment to students attending American schools extends beyond traditional private tutoring. We strategically align with the American educational framework, offering targeted curriculum support for the American Diploma Programme and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP).

LearnFire's Business English support is designed to empower individuals facing challenges in English writing and public speaking, to instil confidence in their professional communication skills.

We have created dynamic and engaging video courses designed for parents, teachers, and students by collaborating with Simply turn on your device and let the learning begin.

Celebrating 3 Years of Partnership and Growth at LearnFire

As we navigate through our 3rd year at LearnFire, we find ourselves reflecting on the shared successes and the close partnership we've developed with all of our students and parents throughout the years. Their trust, invaluable feedback, and ongoing engagement are the cornerstones of our journey, for which we are tremendously thankful. The dedication parents exhibit towards their children serves as a daily inspiration, propelling us forward in our commitment to continuous improvement. In recent years, our collective resilience has been put to the test, demanding a heightened level of flexibility, patience, compassion, and grit. We want to assure you that we are here to support your family in any way possible.

Empowering Education: Modern Teaching and Targeted Intervention Strategies

LearnFire tutor providing personalised assistance, exemplifying commitment to students' specific needs and requirements.
Dedicated LearnFire tutors go above and beyond, tailoring support to meet each student's unique needs.

At LearnFire, we draw upon our professional expertise, a unique blend encompassing modern teaching, targeted intervention, and corporate roles in public relations, talent development, and strategic tutor recruitment. Notably, in Lisbon, Portugal, we have a curated pool of elite teachers that all have postgraduate degrees in education and have worked in top international schools globally. Our core competencies, delivered with a blend of creativity, skilfulness, and a multidisciplinary perspective, include but not limited to:

• Examination Preparation and Practice

At LearnFire, our expertise lies in guiding each student through a meticulous process of identifying areas of uncertainty and providing focused preparation for assessments. We specialise in the development and implementation of targeted practice tests with exclusive access to renowned material resources to identify strengths and weaknesses, ensuring personalised solutions are developed for each student.

• Seamless Scheduling and Lesson Management

We offer convenience of personalised scheduling at LearnFire. Our dedicated operations team oversees the process, guaranteeing seamless coordination of lessons tailored to fit your daily schedule effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of managing your academic support in a way that suits your unique needs.

• In-Depth Knowledge of Exam Boards for Your Success

At LearnFire, our tutors are well-versed in the intricacies of various esteemed exam boards, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the assessment criteria and requirements. Their expertise extends to navigating the unique structures, expectations, and formats of exams, enabling them to provide tailored guidance that enhances students' confidence and performance. With a commitment to excellence, our tutors go beyond the curriculum, offering insights that empower students to excel in their examinations.

List of Exam Boards we specialise in: 

How to get started with

Getting started with LearnFire  is simple and straightforward. Complete the easy LearnFire form with your tutoring preferences here: 

Once we have received your submitted form, one of our academic success coaches (real people) will respond within one working day to discuss your personal needs and to match you with one of our dedicated tutors. 

For other services beyond tutoring, reach out to us through the contact form or via our Whatsapp message link. We're here to assist you promptly!

LearnFire Revolutionising the Way Students Learn

LearnFire is transforming education by providing accessible, engaging, and personalised learning experiences. Through its user-centric approach and commitment to excellence, the platform is empowering individuals to acquire new skills, enhance their careers, and pursue their passions. In the modern education age, LearnFire is a catalyst for educational transformation, bridging the gap between traditional education and the evolving needs of learners and revolutionising the way people learn.



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